Glenmorangie Wood Finish Selection

Glenmorangie's title of 'Scotland's Favourite Malt' is probably due to the complexity and value for money 10 year bottling (our first whisky review here). Of course, marketing plays a part too and that accounts for part of the success story.

Besides the 10 year bottling, which is aged in bourbon casks, Glenmorangie is also famous for experimenting with wood finished whiskies. Finishing means that the whisky is transferred to another cask, usually previously used for storing wine, to give it an extra dimension. For this post, we sampled the Glenmorangie Sherry and Burgundy wood finishes. Read on!

The Review

Taste Profile

The Scoring

Conclusion: We were extremely disappointed with both whiskies. Bland and without any character. P & J (two guys who market Glenmorangie here in Singapore) - send us the Margaux Cask finish to redeem the brand!!!

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