Middleton Very Rare 2004

What is the main difference between Irish and Scotch Whisky? Irish Whiskey is usually triple distilled (compared to double distilled for Scotch) which makes for a much smoother and sweeter drink. Debating which is the better dram has been the source of national pride for many years for these two countries. The Middleton Very Rare represents a blend of the finest Irish Whiskies handpicked by Middleton's Master Distiller Barry Crockett each year.

The Review

Taste Profile

The Scoring

Conclusion: It's nice to taste an Irish Whiskey once in awhile as the peat flavour in most Scotch Whiskies is completely absent due to the fact, well, they do not use peat in the process (duh). While we generally like Irish Whiskies because of the smooth flavour, this blend was a tad too saccharine sweet for our liking.

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