Yoichi 12 Year

The Yoichi 12 year is the first single malt Japanese whiskey that we have tried. Before, we only tried the blended Suntory Hibiki series, which is excellent. Yoichi is the flagship distillery for Nikka. Let's see how it tastes:

The Review

Comments: Oak and vanilla dominate the nose and tongue. Pleasant. However, like a great wine, somehow it is a bit lacking at 12 years and I feel that it has potential if aged more. Will have to buy the older statements to confirm this judgment. Stay tuned.


buyo said...

Glad your Japanese whisky journey will continue! It would be great if you would put your comments/rating on the Nonjatta community review section. Just go to the relevant review page on Nonjatta.blogspot.com and there is a link at the bottom with averages and reports from readers. We are trying to make Nonjatta a real community around Japanese whisky.

hugewhaleshark said...

Hey there, I'm new to the blog and hey, you guys have some amazing stuff going on here!

Just on the Yoichi, I've had the 10 Year, and it was some amazing stuff. There's a little Japanese reataurant which has it, but I've not found it anywhere else (even LMDH or in Japan for that matter).

Personal favourites: Ardbeg 10, Yoichi 10, Talisker 18.