Macallan 1824: Whisky Maker's Selection


The Macallan 1824 collection is a family of 4 single malts (Select Oak, Whisky Maker's Selection, Estate Reserve and the rare Limited Release bottlings) to mark the founding year of the Macallan distillery.  Interestingly, these are marketed mainly for the duty free sector where they've been extremely successful.  Note that they also do not carry an age statement, which is quite unusual for a premium single malt.

The Whisky Maker's that we sampled was courtesy of our friend K, who bought it from duty free from his latest business trip.  Straight from the press release "Containing rare whisky distilled from barley grown on The Macallan’s Estate which brings a velvety mouthfeel, Whisky Maker’s Edition recognises the skill and dedication of The Macallan’s Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno."


Comments:  Has an intense nutty, chocolatey flavour blended with hints of mild fruity apricot and figs.  Interesting individually but somehow the flavours did not gel as well as it should overall.  The finish was also quite average for a whisky in its class.

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