Fukuoka Whisky Heaven

Was in Fukuoka for a few days to attend a friend's wedding and managed to find some time to visit a few whisky bars recommended by friends.

The first stop was Bar Kitchen, owned by Oka-san who manages a staggering 3,000 bottles in the bar.
One of the most amazing displays of whisky I have seen and he even has the entire Ichiro's Malt Card Series on display.
We asked if he had the elusive 'Monochrome' Joker bottle but sadly that was finished so we tasted the 'Colour' Joker as a consolation prize.
One of the favourites from the night was also from Ichiro's Malt which was a beautiful 'The Game' Madeira Cask aged for only 6 years.
In the end it was a great night out thanks to Oka-san for all his lovely recommendations!
Next, we tried Whisky Bar Leichhardt which has a fantastic selection of 1300 bottles at the bar. Bartender/owner Sumiyoshi-san told me he also has another 200 bottles in the storeroom and 1500 bottles at home so he too has 3000 bottles which he can draw from!
 Again, Ichiro's Malts were recommended and he shared these bottles below.
The one I tried was 'The Dream Cask' from Bar Kitchen (that I didn't get to try the night before) from a bourbon cask that was stunning.
For the last night, we went to Bar Higuchi, which is a whisky/cocktail bar in the Nakasu area. Higuchi-san also has a great selection of whiskies. Didn't manage to ask how many he had but it is probably close to a 1000 bottles based on a rough estimate. He is organizing Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2018 which I'm so tempted to go now after learning more about it.
He has an impressive selection of vintage Macallans proudly on display.
Focused more on Scotch at this bar and had a very good Glen Keith 1988 vintage here.
Overall, Fukuoka is really a great place to go for whisky and the food (the ramen is amazing). Would highly recommend it to everyone! More specific reviews of the bottles coming up next!

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