Santis Malt - Edition Dreifaltigkeit

Was playing poker at a R's place and he recommended we try some interesting whisky from Switzerland that his wife recently bought called Santis Malt. What makes this whisky unique is that it is stored in oak wood beer barrels instead of the usual oak or sherry casks. On top of that, they have a few different products in the market and this one we sampled was the Edition Dreifaltigkeit, which won Jim Murray's European Whisky of the Year in 2010.
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Probably the only culture in the world rivaling the Japanese in terms of meticulousness and attention to detail would be the Swiss. Santis Malt keeps the reputation intact by sourcing water from the Swiss Alps and grain from Switzerland grown under extreme weather conditions to impart an idiomatic Swiss flavour to the whisky. On top of that, the bottle labels are personally designed and hand-cut by the managing director himself.
Comments: This whisky definitely has a very distinct flavour, very unlike traditional whiskies. Strong malt profile with a hint of beer and a smokiness that is closer to smoked duck than the usual Islay peatiness. Very well done for a relatively new distillery. Definitely worth a try!

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