Bakery Hill Double Wood

Australia? Not exactly the first country that comes to mind when it comes to whisky. Our next whisky is from Bakery Hill which is one of premier distilleries in Australia located in Victoria. Bakery Hill uses only the finest Australian barley and produces its all its whiskies in single cask, cask strength and double distilled in traditional whisky production methods. One other interesting fact is that Bakery Hill is aged for only 3 years in 50L or 100L bourbon casks, which accelerates the maturation process. Jim Murray himself was pleasantly surprised with the age statement of the whiskies and has rated them relatively high (Bakery Hill Classic Malt scored 85 out of 100) and described it as "easily the most stylish Australian malt I have found".

The whisky we are reviewing is the Bakery Hill Double Wood that is aged in both American Bourbon Oak Casks and French Oak Casks.
Comment: Floral, slightly citrus, wine and woody notes. Has a great nose but taste is average at best and finish disappears a tad too quickly. Overall a great attempt by Bakery Hill given that they are a young distillery. I have no doubt that in the future, this distillery will continue to improve and may one day churn out great whiskies that Australia will be proud of.

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