Glendullan 12 Year

Glendullan is a low profile distillery that is situated in Dufftown, probably the most famous whisky town in Speyside and self proclaimed 'Malt Whisky Capital of the World'. Another little known fact is that it is one of Diageo's biggest distilleries but is mainly used in blends such as Johnnie Walker. However, Diageo has started marketing Glendullan recently by introducing the it in the Singleton series which has won rave reviews from whisky experts. Let's find out how this 'original' bottle tastes.

Comments: This is a fruity, almost herbal and fairly well balanced malt. The taste is 'yummy' and easy to drink but the finish, like most standard 12 year offerings, could have been more substantial. Worth buying but doubt you'll find it as it may be replaced by the Singleton series already.

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