Port Ellen 1978 - 4th Release

Port Ellen is a wonderful distillery that unfortunately has been shuttered since 1983. However, Port Ellen Maltings still supply the malts to Caol Ila and Lagavulin, which may partly explain why they are excellent whiskies. Diageo (who seems to be buying all the best distilleries out there) is the current owner of the distillery and is slowly releasing stocks remaining in the warehouse.

I managed to find this gem at the Charles de Gaulle airport during one of my travels. It called out to me when I saw it was the year I was born and there are only 5,500 bottles in existence.

The Review

Comments: As you can tell from the high score, we like this whisky very much. Bold and powerful, it that opens up even more when you add a few drops of water. The balance between the peat, malt and oak is immaculate, coupled with a sprinkling of fruity pear and citrus notes. Outstanding stuff.

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