Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Tonight we are going to try the "Rare and Exclusive", award winning Johnnie Walker Blue Label. According to the website (, it is made of the rarest malts handpicked from a range of exclusive distilleries. One of the distilleries includes the relatively unknown Royal Lohnagar, a small distillery situated on the boundaries of Balmoral, the British Royal Family's holiday home. The website also nonchalantly states that it has *gasp* "superior grains", a phrase that would surely put off any single malt connosieurs.

The Review

Taste Profile

The Scoring

Conclusion: Tis' a good whisky with excellent balance and sweet, fruity tones and understated peat. The Blue Label feels like a mellower, smoother and more refined version of the Black Label. It is always a great gift or drink to splash out at events as it is branded as a luxury whisky. However, is it worth the hefty price tag (US$200)? We don't think so. You are paying for the great marketing and salaries of the Mclaren Formula 1 Team. You will be better off doing more research and finding something more interesting and better value at the same price.

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